burglar alarm

For many, having our homes or business premises broken into, our privacy invaded and property damaged or stolen is nothing short of a nightmare. Having a modern and reliable burglar alarm acts as a powerful deterrent to potential criminals while offering you, your family or employees the added peace of mind and comfort you deserve.

If the burglar alarm initially fails to discourage a criminal from entering your property, it will certainly cause them to flee the scene, by which time attention would have been drawn to them and witnesses may have caught sight of them.

Our experts at Green View Projects can smoothly and seamlessly install, maintain and fix any intruder alarm system so you are protected by efficient security solutions both at home and work.

Types of Burglar Alarm

There are many types of alarm options available. Some people simply opt for a basic “dummy” alarm box, made appealing by its cheap price. The downside to these is that they often have no impact on your home or business property insurance and professional criminals can often quickly and easily distinguish between a real and fake alarm.

We strongly recommend investing in either wireless or wired security alarm system for heightened security and safety. Businesses can have these monitored or have auto diallers/SMS processors if required.

Monitored burglar alarms are linked to an external security company which checks the signals your alarm sends out for a fee. Usually, if the alarm is triggered, an employee at the security company will contact your home or business and request a password. They will also check if everything is alright at your property. If a password is not provided or the phone is not answered, they are likely to contact one of your appointed key-holders or to call the police to your address.

Auto diallers/SMS processors are attached and programmed to the alarm so that when it is triggered it can call or send an SMS message to numbers you have provided to our engineers for the alarm to contact automatically with a pre-recorded message and text.

Our Apporach

Our experienced electricians have a keen eye for detail and will ensure your new burglar alarm is subtle and discreet, with all wires concealed and tucked away.

Drawing on many years of operating in the electrical industry, there are not many electrical faults we haven’t encountered and solved. If there is a fault with your intruder alarm system our staff will work swiftly to pinpoint the problem, find an effective solution and have you feeling safe and secure again in no time.

For an efficient, transparent and reliable burglar alarm services for your home or commercial property please contact us on 01422 356 222 today.