Rewiring with Green View Projects

Rewiring or even partial rewiring can be a disruptive business and is best done before any plastering is done to a new build. Ideally, the wiring work should be carried out while the house or property is unoccupied and empty, alongside any central heating or plumbing work that needs to be carried out.


Our friendly and professional team will carry out an initial consultation and an Electrician’s Survey to determine what work your new build requires and answer any questions you have. From there we will wire things like circuits, lighting and black boxes of power (the first fix stage) followed by connecting the consumer unit, installing light fittings and faceplates for switches and sockets (the second fix stage).

Electrics that have been severely neglected, for example, when rewiring a house, can result in serious injury, electrocution and heightened fire risks. At Green View Projects, we understand that no one wants to endanger those that they live and work with or feel unsafe at work or home.

As experienced electricians, we also recognise the importance of residential properties adhering to the rules outlined in Electrical Safety- Dwellings Approved Document Part P and for commercial properties to comply with legislation set up by the Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974.

Part P does not cover existing wiring installed but does affect new builds, noteworthy alterations and fresh additions to the wiring of a house. Noteworthy alterations include garage or loft conversions, home extensions and any significant remodelling work that is classed as a material alteration under the Building Regulations, which may require a partial, if not full rewire of the property and the fuse box. Also, if a property has not been rewired for the past 25 years, it is likely to need upgrading or partly upgrading to be able to handle the increased use of electrics in modern day living and to bring it up to standards.

Rewiring a house or commercial building is a messy business and can be unsettling for the property’s occupants. There are two options and the process of rewiring a house is done in two stages:

Option One

Always the best way if the installation allows it

Option Two

Usually on re-wires that are lived in and need power back on at the end of each day

Wiring runs through the core of a house and throughout a building’s entire infrastructure. Therefore the ‘first fix’ is best done without carpets or furniture, allowing for floorboards to be removed and ceilings to be cut into.  This keeps costs to a minimum. Carpets, furniture and lived in properties requires additional time and therefore money.

The Rewiring Process

The disruptive nature of rewiring a house or commercial property means owners often get it done before they buy a property, or certainly before any re-plastering or redecorating work is carried out, as rewiring a finished property will still involve pulling up floorboards, removing coverings, chasing out walls and removing skirting boards.

Partial domestic rewiring jobs can take two days, while full rewiring and commercial projects can take five days or more. This all depends on the size and character of the property. The cost of rewiring a house can be a large sum but depends on where you live and is influenced by the size of your house, how easy it is to reach all the necessary areas and the complexity of the structure.

With electrical rewiring being such a disruptive and complicated process that is also a significant financial investment, it is important that you hire fully qualified and accredited professional electricians for the job. You generally pay for what you get and a re-wire should last a minimum of 25 years if installed correctly.

Our Approach

Our friendly and knowledgeable electricians will conduct an on-site visit and consultation with you, assessing your property’s electrical situation, your needs and answering any questions you have regarding price, or the process itself.

The optimum time to undertake rewiring is during the first fix stage before a property has been plastered so it is important to get an electrical assessment at the same time as having any central heating or plumbing done.

Rewiring Commercial Properties

In a commercial environment, our electricians often install new boxes for switches and sockets and repair any lighting or power circuits as businesses evolve, expand or change. As a commercial property owner, you might decide that this is a good chance to rewire up-to-date controls for alarms, smoke detectors and outdoor lighting. Our team can make the property look more stylish and hide wires behind discreet conduits or trunking and walls.

For an efficient, transparent and reliable quote or information on our installations for your home or commercial property please contact us on 01422 356222 today.