Fire Detection

We have, no doubt, all experienced fire drills and alarms from our school days and in the working world. Naturally, fire alarm services are of extreme importance in all buildings but especially buildings that experience high volumes of people passing through them daily.

Fire Alarms and the Law

Part 8 of the Building Regulations 2010 outlines the measures that need to be taken in commercial and public buildings to warn people in the event of a fire as well as preventative fire measures and rules surrounding escape routes and other recommendations and regulations to follow in order to limit fire related injuries or fatalities. To help your business comply with Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Building Regulations, we are proud to offer a premium electric fire alarm installation and maintenance service that is guaranteed to save lives in the event of a fire emergency.

The term ‘fire alarm’ is often used interchangeably with ‘smoke alarm’ but, with one detecting fire and the other detecting and alerting people in the surrounding areas or building to smoke, they are two different devices. The cause of the confusion arises from the fact that fire alarms can detect smoke as part of their ability to monitor changes in an environment related to combustion.

Fire alarms have the potential to be linked with other systems making them extremely efficient. They can, for instance, cause a sprinkler system to activate or alert a local fire station. This means fire alarms have a greater benefit placed in commercial rather than domestic settings.

Our well-seasoned and highly qualified team have the extensive industry knowledge to enable them to provide you with high-standard fire alarm services, including well-informed advice on how many fire alarms you should have fitted in your building. The number will depend on the size of your business’ property, the nature of your business and how many people you employ, though if you employ more than five people the law states that you need to have an official written record of your fire assessment.

There are three main types of fire alarms:

Our experienced electricians have a keen eye for detail and will ensure your installation is subtle and discreet, with all wires concealed and tucked away.

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