security lights

Alarms and CCTV might spring to mind when you think of strong security solutions but security lights can act as a major turn-off to would-be burglars.

If your business houses valuable items, important stock or sensitive/confidential information on-site we would strongly recommend investing in security lighting for your business. If your business is a wholesaler or works in the retail industry, we would advise you even more strongly to hire a professional to install security lighting on your premises as businesses in these sectors are often targeted the most by thieves and opportunists.

Benefits of Security Lighting

  • Security lighting has the powerful advantage of taking away the shield of darkness from would-be criminals who hope to go undetected. Much fewer burglaries occur during daylight hours as criminals are wary of being seen and witnesses reporting them to the authorities. By introducing security lighting to your commercial premises, you significantly minimise your break-in risk.
  • Security lighting can be a smart investment for your home too, alerting yourself and your neighbours to any disturbances and adding an extra layer of protection and safeguarding.
  • As skilled and experienced electricians, our team at Green View Projects understand that many business and home owners are often concerned with the energy and costs that security lighting requires. However, with the range of modern technology and contemporary solutions at our disposal, we can install and maintain LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and other energy saving lighting.
  • LEDs are popular due to their durability and high performance in cold environments, making them ideal for outdoor, as well as indoor use. Unlike traditional lighting, they do not lose energy via heat and are extremely energy efficient, plus they have an incredibly long lifespan, meaning they pay for themselves over time with minimal running costs.
  • Security lighting often comprises of motion lights, immediately detecting the movement of any intruders.
  • Our fully qualified team can determine the cause of any faults with your motion sensor light and implement successful solutions. However, most customers now opt for the dusk till dawn option as running costs are insignificant with the introduction of LEDs.
  • Security lights can now also be connected to a whole security system or intelligent home control system, able to send you alerts and can also be linked to intruder alarms.

Running a business is challenging enough, let us keep your electrical security devices well maintained so you have one less thing to worry about!

For an efficient, transparent and reliable security lighting services for your home or commercial property please contact us on 01422 356 222 today.