voltage control

Here at Green View Projects, our proficient and expert electricians are passionate advocates of helping all our clients reduce their energy consumption by being more energy efficient and, in turn, cut their energy bills. While we offer a range of energy efficient lighting, including popular, durable and long-lasting LED lights, we also offer professional energy saving voltage control systems.

What Is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage optimisation describes the systematically controlled reduction in the voltage you, as an energy consumer, receive to decrease your energy use and subsequent power demand. Some voltage optimisation devices have a static voltage adjustment but some dynamic devices can regulate the voltage automatically. They are especially beneficial where the electricity supply to a building is at a higher voltage level than what is necessary leading to unwarranted energy consumption.

Usually, voltage control systems are installed to a property alongside the mains electrical supply to allow all the electrical equipment in a home or business to benefit from the optimised voltage supply.

There is often a misconception that the purpose of voltage control is to reduce the voltage to a lighting system as much as possible. In fact, the aim of voltage optimisation is to ensure the level of voltage is brought back in line with the level of voltage at which a light was designed to function most efficiently. Another misconception is that voltage optimisation is regularly confused with step-down transformers or basic voltage stabilisers, which only lessen the voltage levels without offering any energy saving benefits.

Some types of lighting benefit from improved power quality. In a fluorescent light, a ballast adjusts the current to the lamp and provides enough voltage to start the lamp. A fluorescent light that lacks a ballast and that is connected directly to a high voltage power source would uncontrollably and quickly increase its current consumption. Fluorescent lamps with modern electronic ballasts will use the same amount of power and provide the same amount of light output if the voltage is reduced.

Our Approach

Our extensively accredited and fully qualified team will determine what is the most suitable voltage optimisation system for your business to use after learning if your business operates its own High Voltage/Low Voltage distribution or a Low Voltage supply. The type of business you run and the work you do will dictate if a fixed voltage control system is more appropriate or if an automatic voltage optimisation system would be more ideal. Our friendly staff will acquire this information by carrying out a detailed onsite review of your premises.

For efficient, transparent and reliable voltage optimisation service for your domestic or commercial property please contact us on 01422 356 222 today.